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Problems in Relationship

Couples Therapy is very important for couples that are struggling in their relationship. This is a series of articles that will describe the top issues that people struggle with. The issues faced in a relationship will tend to keep coming up until they are addressed. Couples therapy is a great way to address the main issues.

Why Sex is an issue

Many couples struggle with sex and it appears to be a topic of arguments. The reasons are described below:

Difficulty with Orgasms

Some women experience issues with orgasms and this is something that can get in the way of the couple’s sexual intimacy. It is recommended that you seek professional help, in this case it may help to receive a medical evaluation to rule out any medical condition. In this situation, a specialized sex therapist would be the most helpful.

Sexual incompatability

Sexual desires that do not match. Men and women are not always the same when it comes to sexual desires and it is important to find someone that is a good match for you. This becomes an issue when one has a low sexual desire and the other has a high sexual desire. Therapy can help both to rule out any issues regarding sexual desire. The best situation would be that both people in the relationship have  a compatible sexual desire.

Performance Issues

It is common to experience performance issues, this is an issue that men encounter. Again, in this situation it is important to receive a medical evaluation to rule out medical issues. Seeing a therapist can also help to find out if anxiety or other conditions can be causing performance issues.

One person wants to spice up sex life but other is complacent.

This issue is similar to the sexual incompatability but it has some differences. It is possible that both have the same sexual desire but one is complacent with the way it goes and the other wants to try different things. Seek help with learning to communicate wants and needs in the relationship. A couples therapist can help with imrpoving the communication regarding the needs of each person.

Sex after a baby

This is another common issue that couples struggle with regarding sex. A new baby is a great blessing and creates a new special journey for the coupls, however, change keeps new parents busy which can get in the way of spending time with each other. It is important to re-establish the intimacy and connection with your partner after a baby. Increasing communicationg during this delicate time is crucial. Couples Therapy is very helpful with this issue. It is recommended to wait to be cleared by your medical provider before continuing with this.

Wanting emotional connection

Getting caught in a routine of work and evening activities can get in the way of connecting with your partner. People become more distant emotionally and for some, it is difficult to initiate sexual desire, when he/she does not feel connected. Relationships are a living thing and need to be nurtured like you would any other living thing. It is important to make time to communicate and connect with your partner. Seeking counseling can help people connect emotionally.

Chronic Illness

People that struggle with chronic medical conditions. Get evaluated by a physician to ensure abilty to perform with out affecting illness. There are also other issues that arise due to illness that directly affect sexual functioning. It is important to increase communication with your partner. Strong communication with a health care provider is crucial as well. Couples counseling helps couples struggling with issue.

How to solve issue

It is important to seek help from a trained professional in order to address these issues. Couples therapy is one option to receive help. Be open to try different things with your partner. Communicate with your partner about each other’s needs. If the issues are specific to sex, find a Sex therapist to help with those specific concerns.

Couples Therapy

If the issues is specific to help then it is best to seek  help from a therapist that has had specified training in that topic. Calling a certified sex therapist will help with the specific issues regarding sex.

If you have issues of intimacy with your partner or built up resentment, then it may be best to seek help from a Couples Counselor which can be a PhD, PsyD, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist or Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

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