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The best way to predict the future is to create it.

-Abraham Lincoln


Through life we often face several challenges that seem to slow us down, however, with some assistance, it is possible to get through the hurdles and become the best you possible. If you are interested in starting the journey to get to know yourself better and get through difficult life challenges call me to make an appointment today.

Services Available


Seeking individual counseling can present a challenge because it can be difficult to ask for help. I understand that challenge and I am ready to help guide you through the process in a safe and comfortable environment. I have extensive experience working with people of different backgrounds with a variety of concerns.

Children & Teens


"Wendy embodies compassion, culture, humility, and reverence with her clients. As a colleague, Wendy is professional, clinically strong, clinically sound, and will take the time to research and/or consult with other professionals to ensure she is delivering the highest level of care for her clients

— Dr. KD

"Wendy Salazar, LMFT is a thoughtful and attuned psychotherapist that bases her interventions on empirical evidence. As her previous supervisor, I had the pleasure to witness the transformational changes she facilitated for her clients. I highly recommend her services!"

— Judith Perrigo, LCSW

"From the first time I met Wendy she struck me as kind, compassionate and understanding. Over the years, she has never fallen short from my original perception of her. Wendy gives all her presence to whomever she encounters. I highly recommend her therapeutic services to anyone in need of a caring professional"

— J. Aaron Foster, LMFT

Ready to talk?

Call me or send a message. I'm here to help!